Trinidad Flores

By Pat Brijalba

Trine was born in a small rock hut about a mile east of Calera.  Technically closer to Toyahvale than Calera.  The Flores family has a long history at Calera.

 Church records documented a marriage between Juan Flores of El Indio , Texas to Josefa Fuentes of Brogado in November 29, 1923. This was Trine's father and mother.  The family included siblings Juan, Jose, and sister Micalea.  Records show baptisms for Juan Flores in 1923 and Micalea in 1926.  Records for Trine were probably transferred to Christ the King parish at Brogado. 

Trine's earliest recollection of Calera was working on the farm.  He remembers the "Tablita"(small board), they would stand on a board attached to a horse, who would pull them along the rows, preparing the rows for planting.  Later versions of the "Tablita" would have a seat. According to Trine the primary crop was Cotton.