Ruben Fuentes

By Pat Brijalba

Ruben Fuentes a lifelong resident of Reeves County had a very personal interest in the renovation of Calera church.  Baptism records show that Julia Fuentes daughter of Trinidad Fuentes and Severa Chaves was baptized by Father Brocardus on May 10, 1904.  Trinidad was Ruben's great grandfather.  Ruben's ancestors worked on area ranches.

Rubens immediate family moved to Brogado.  When responsibility for Mission Mary was transferred to Christ the King at Brogado, Ruben remembers riding with the priest to serve mass at Calera.

Ruben helped paint and lay the broken concrete floor at Calera Chapel.  Ruben continues to be involved with Calera by serving on the Board of  La Calera Foundation.

David Ornelas( left) and Ruben Fuentes working on recycled concrete floor at Calera Chapel.

Hand carved headstone for Trinidad Fuentes at Calera Cemetery.