Calera, Texas

You will not find Calera on any road map. Google Calera and you will find Calera, Alabama. Calera in Spanish means Lime kiln or Lime pit. Calera, Texas is located in Southern Reeves County, Texas, two miles west of the famous San Solomon Springs at Balmorhea State Park.  It is not known if Lime was ever mined at Calera ,but lime is present. To many former residents and families of residents, Calera holds a special place in their heart.  Although life must have been hard in this beautiful semi-arid desert, residents talk about life at Calera fondly.  Calera is a story of how humans migrate to areas with resources for life, a story of missionaries who follow the people and tend to their spiritual needs, the modernization that comes with time and finally people moving on when the resources for life disappear.

This Web Site is a work in progress because of on going research into life and people of Calera.   If you have pictures or stories retold to you by family members lets us know, so we can complete the story of Calera, Texas.



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